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General League Participation

Welcome to the 916er’s basketball community! 916'ers was formed to allow Sacramento-area gays, lesbians and allies of all skill levels to play basketball in a positive and healthy environment. In addition to the obvious physical benefits, sports are such a great means of social interaction. The basketball group is an important opportunity that has been missing in recent years. We are excited for another great season!


Communication from the 916’ers board will be posted on the 916’ers website as well as on facebook. Facebook is used to make announcements and for friendly postings. Please be considerate of other’s opinions. If you have any concerns or suggestions please e-mail feedback to the playwithus@916ers.org.


General League Participation

1. Players may bring bottled water or other beverages. Please clean up after yourself by putting all trash in garbage cans or recycle bins.

2. Please make sure to contact your captain if you plan to miss a scheduled game. Three players is a forfeit.

3. Every player must wear a jersey of comparable team color with a number unlike that of other team

members. Teams with multiple players with the same number or with players who’s numbers are not

consistent with the score sheet will be given a technical foul. If your number has changed since the last

game, be sure to notify your coach and captain so the score sheet can be corrected prior to the tip o of

the game.

4. When substituting for a player on the court, the substituting player must report in uniform to the scorer’s bench and sit to ensure you are not obstructing the score keeper’s view of the game. You may only step onto the court when beckoned by the referee.

5. Each team captain will represent the team in reporting concerns to the referees. Only the team captain

may address the referees.

6. Please maintain your composure throughout the season. Unsportsmanlike conduct can result in technical fouls being given to your team, ejection from the game and/or ejection from the league. Please

see the Unsportsmanlike Conduct Section for more details.


Game Rules & Regulations

General Rules:

Fans and players who are not playing in an on-going game should not sit on sidelines and not interfere

with warm-ups or games. Common courtesy and respect towards fans and players must be displayed at all



Substitute Players

Teams with 6 or less players can pull subs for their teams. Up to 8 players max. We understand that advance notice is hard to give but we encourage contact with a board member or your captains to possibly find you a replacement in the case that you will not be able to make your scheduled game. Teams in need of subs can only pull from a team that has a bye that date or a player who has filled a waiver and played in our open gym.


In addition, you can not pick up random friends and family to substitute for your team. This will result in immediate lost of your game.


Replacement Players

In the event that a paid rostered player can no longer participate in the league for the rest of the season, a replacement player may be chosen at the committee members discretion. The replacement player may occur a pro-rated cost to play out the remainder of the season. Only a player who has participated in open gym play, has completed a waiver can be selected and been cleared by a board member can be clear to become a replacement player.


Timing and Time Outs

1. Each game consists of Two 20 minute running halves.
Each team is allocated One (1) 30 second time out and One (1) 60 second time out each half.

2. In the event of an Overtime period, each team is allotted One (1) 30 Second time out per Overtime Period.

3. Time outs can be used at anytime during their designated period.

4. Time outs do not carry over to other periods.

5. The clock will only stop for time outs, injuries and technical fouls during the first 18 minutes of each half.

6. The clock will stop for every dead ball during the last 2 minutes of each half unless the scoring difference is less than 15 points.



1. If the score at the end of the 40 minute game is tied, Overtime is initiated.

2. Overtime will begin 3 minutes after the second half has ended.

3. Each overtime period, to a maximum of 2 OT periods, is scheduled for 5 Minutes. These 5 minutes consists of 4 minutes of running clock and the 1 minute of dead ball stoppage.

4. Each team is allotted One (1) 30 Second time out per Overtime period.

5. If the score is tied after the allotted 2 OT periods, a final 3 OT of one minute will be allocated with one 30 second time out.



1. A player fouls out of the game after 6 fouls.

2. Technical fouls are counted as part of these 6 fouls.

3. 3 Technical fouls for the season can results in ejection from the league without a refund of league fees. Technical Fouls, Unsportsmanlike Conduct and Ejections

Technical Fouls will be assessed for the following:

A. Slamming the ball or throwing any equipment.

B. Abusive language or unsportsmanlike conduct.


Individual Player or Captain single game ejection:

*Please note there are no reviews or appeals of ejections. Ejection decisions made by the board or commissioner of the league are final.

A. Two technical fouls assessed during a single game.

B. Punch throwing- Hit or Miss. (EJECTION AND ONE GAME SUSPENSION)


Individual Player or Captain EJECTION FROM THE LEAGUE:

A. Fighting.

B. Punch throwing- Hit or Miss.


Bonus and Technical Foul Shooting

1. One and One bonus shots will be awarded after the opponents 7th team foul.

2. Double Bonus (2 shots) will be awarded after the opponents 10th team foul.

3. Technical foul calls will result in 1 bonus shot for the opposing team. All other players must remain behind the half court line while the

shot is being taken. The shooting team will be given the ball at half court following the shot.


Coaches and Captains

1. All Players should be allocated a sufficient amount of playing time, making an appearance in each half of play.

2. Notification to a present 916'ers board member of any ill or injured player who is suited and available to play must be done prior to each game.

3. The team captain is the manager of the team and must work closely with the coach and 916'ers board members as needed.

4. The referees will have final say in the calling of penalties, awarding of points and final decisions for all games. Any disputes or complaints can be taken to the 916'ers board.

5. Captains are responsible for reviewing the game score sheet and verifying the accuracy of the names for the specific players on the single game roster and their numbers prior to each game. They are responsible for notifying the referee of any adjustments that need to be made.

6. If it is discovered that the captain has not added a player to the score sheet roster prior to the game and the player enters the game, the team automatically forfeits the game.