916'ers Sac's GLBT Basketball League

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916’ers Basketball League 2017 Winter / Spring Season is here!

Open Gym games and League games are every Wednesday.


Open Gym:

(6 weeks) 

January 18th – February 22nd

* Please bring a dark and white shirt (not grey) to swap between team play. *

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Cost $5.00

Place: 5212 Lemon Hill Ave, Sacramento, CA 95824


Open Gym occurs before the start of every league. The cost is $5 per night. Its main purpose is to allow for potential league players to condition themselves for league play and it also gives league captains time to scout new teammates. 2 teams of 5 players, play 10 minute games, on 2 full-courts. Teams will rotate in and out of play. We get up to 5 teams per night. The following will give you an idea of what our procedures are for open gym.


Open Gym Procedures

Step 1

Make your payment of $5 & sign-in to obtain your wristband. Anyone without a wristband will be asked to leave the court promptly.


Step 2

A board member will assign you to a team. This will be your team for the night. We will try our best to fairly break up the teams. Adjustments will & can be made throughout the night. Please refer to the dry erase board for teams and court you'll be starting on.


Step 3

Have fun. Thats what we are all here for. Call your own fouls and respect your fellow peers.